Moving to a Driverless Future

Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions propel automated vehicle development.

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With the emergence of self-driving, electric and connected vehicles, the automotive industry needs to reinvent itself. With an upcoming, major transformation, the product development processes of today are no longer sustainable to enable the production of large quantities of these next-generation vehicles. If the goal is to have millions of people being driven around through urban traffic directed by the control system of the vehicle, the system needs to be created in a stable, traceable and highly reliable product development environment. A paradigm shift in vehicle engineering is about to take place.

This white paper describes what we see as the best practices to support a sustainable engineering process for autonomous vehicle design. It exposes how to use simulation and testing in common frameworks to enable design exploration, verification and validation for the development of autonomous cars at a system, software and full-vehicle level to drive a mature product development process for automated driving.