Try Kawasaki's K-ROSET Robot Simulation Software For Free

Kawasaki’s portfolio of simulation and offline programming software will help you maximize your robot system return on investment, by designing, programming, and debugging the robot system before physically installing any equipment.

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As a result, these software tools help significantly reduce commissioning costs during the installation of the robot system.

K-ROSET is Kawasaki's offline robot simulation software. This tool allows the user to add 3D models of Kawasaki robots, peripheral equipment, robot tools, and workpieces into a virtual environment and build multi-robot automation work cells. The software emulates the processes of the actual Kawasaki robot controller and allows the user to interact with the 3D robot model through the teach pendant screens and button layout. The user can build a complete 3D representation of a work cell, write application-specific robot code, then run the robot code while viewing the robot motion and logic from the comfort of a laptop screen.