One-of-a-kind Cell for Vision-Guided Aerospace Assembly

Automation has proven to speed up production lines, increase throughput and battle labor shortages. To help you make your case for automation, we have provided a sampling of Kawasaki success stories to show why we should be your automation partner.

Gain Access

Unlike many of today’s manufacturing sectors, aerospace tends to stray away from automation. Robotic arms are a rare sight in this industry due to low production volumes and the delicate nature of making such specialized parts. This aerospace part supplier teamed up with Waterloo, Ontario-based integrator SYSTEMATIX to design a cell for installing nutplates, an irregular part with over 200 variations that holds the external skin of the aircraft to the frame. Although this complex application doesn’t necessarily sound like an ideal candidate for automation, high performance Kawasaki robots and 3D vision products cut down cycle times, increased product consistency and decreased manpower for a boost in overall efficiency.