Henkel Collaborates to Combine 3D Printing with LED Lighting

Working with its Open Materials Platform partners, Henkel develops new LED housing that lowers cost while also offering better performance and improved sustainability.

Gain Access

Manufacturer Crystal Products, world Leader in Glassware Production and existing LOCTITE Customer, needed a customized UV LED Cure Unit used to cure glass bonding adhesive.

LED Head made from machined aluminium was comprised of 4 piece assembly, which was adding high costs for production, and lead time was compromising delivery at the customer. The aluminum part also needed to be anodised for Corrosion Resistance.

Application: LED Housing - Lighting and Electrical

Material: LOCTITE 3D 3843 HDT60 High Toughness

Technology: Stereolithography (SLA) photopolymer 3D printer

Developed together with Envisiontec | Market – Consumer